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John Glen Weaver for United States Senate Unveils Emotional Campaign Ad: "A Father's Privilege"

OMAHA, NE - John Glen Weaver, candidate for the United States Senate, has revealed a compelling campaign ad titled "A Father's Privilege." This poignant video, now available on Rumble, YouTube and other digital streaming services, offers a heartfelt exploration of Weaver's personal journey, emphasizing the profound impact of family and sacrifice on his life and values.

In "A Father's Privilege," Weaver shares intimate reflections on his upbringing, highlighting the profound influence of his grandfathers, who shaped his character and instilled in him the principles of hard work, sacrifice, and service. Through evocative storytelling, Weaver reveals a poignant twist: his initial misinterpretation of his father's sacrifices as a child, and his later realization as a father himself of the profound love and commitment driving those sacrifices. From his humble beginnings to his distinguished military career, Weaver's narrative underscores the importance of family and community in shaping his perspective on leadership and public service.

With powerful imagery and a heartfelt message, "A Father's Privilege" captures Weaver's unwavering dedication to serving his state and advocating for the values that matter most to Nebraskans. From the Sandhills to the Cityscapes, Weaver pledges to be a champion for every citizen, ensuring that their concerns are heard and their interests are represented on Capitol Hill.

As the campaign intensifies, Weaver's video serves as a bugle horn for supporters across the state. By sharing his personal experiences and aspirations for the future, Weaver seeks to inspire Nebraskans from all walks of life to join him in his quest to reclaim America.

"I am deeply honored to share my story and my vision for Nebraska in this campaign commercial," said Weaver. "As a father, a veteran, and a proud Nebraskan, I am committed to fighting for the values that matter most to our state and our country. Together, we can Save Nebraska and Save America."

For more information about Weaver's campaign for the United States Senate, visit

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