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Lt. Col. (ret.) John Glen Weaver Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate

OMAHA, NE - Today, Lt. Col (ret.) John Glen Weaver announced his candidacy for the United States Senate in the great state of Nebraska.

For 22 years, he has been in the service of the United States as an Air Force Lt Colonel serving multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the globe. John Glen is a conservative common-sense Republican that believes in God, the great promise of America, and its people.

Over the last several months he has been extensively traveling the state to listen and learn from our great citizens. His priories will be a foreign policy that puts America first, agricultural prosperity, solving the crisis at the border, achieving energy independence, and protecting our families and our way of life. His mission is to defend Nebraska, defend America and defend YOU!

Weaver made the following statement:

"Nebraska and our Nation face many challenges – inflation, immigration, and incarceration are recklessly out of control. Russia is threatening nuclear war and North Korea is testing ICBMs. All these challenges will not be solved by career lobbyists, big donors, or self-promoting politicians that want to live in DC and never be seen in Nebraska. Today’s problems must be solved by a conservative combat veteran and courageous leader like myself who is willing to put service to America and its people above all. Nebraska needs a Senator that represents the people. I look forward to putting my military experience and energy to lead."

Weaver is running for US Senate to bring back common-sense conservative values. As a supporter of term limits, he has signed a pledge to serve two terms. He and his family will remain residents of Nebraska and actively involved in the community and state. They will not move to DC. He will give all Nebraskans somebody they can be proud of and somebody that always has their back; that serves them. In the Air Force, he learned what it’s like to really take care of people. He learned what it means to never quit on those depending on you. He learned what humble service is; service without recognition. If there’s one thing that he will do while in the Senate, he will make you proud in Washington and fight for all of you.

John Glen is a husband, father, combat veteran, and Christian. He is proud to be joined in this mission with his wife, Brianna a physician at Nebraska Medicine, and his young daughter Bravery, and son Anders.

For more information about John Glen and his candidacy to represent Nebraska in the United States Senate, please visit


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