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Lt. Col (ret.) Weaver announced that he is running for Nebraska's open Class II Senate Seat in 2024

OMAHA, NE - Today, Lt. Col (ret.) John Glen Weaver announced that he is running for Nebraska's open Class II United States Senate seat in 2024.

For the entirety of John Glen's adult life, he has been committed to fighting for the Constitution and serving our great country in uniform. Nebraskans deserve a United States Senator that has proven they will stand up and fight for Nebraska, fight for America and that will fight for YOU! America is good and full of potential, and the Constitution is worth preserving but it’s up to the people to act. John Glen is stepping up. He is volunteering to serve his country again.

His mission is to serve Nebraskans. Nebraska is the backbone and heartbeat of our nation’s agriculture and national defense. He will make farmer’s income increase by growing family farms and by creating more farmers. He will immediately end Chinese and foreign investment in American agricultural land. Foreign ownership of our farmland is a food security and national security threat like we’ve never seen before. Growing up and working on a family farm and studying agriculture at the University of Wyoming John Glen knows just how important Nebraska agriculture is to the food security of America. When America can’t produce enough food for its people, we become vulnerable. Under John Glen’s watch as a US Senator, Nebraska agriculture will grow, and exports will explode.

Nebraska is at the tip of the spear when it comes to America’s national defense. Strategic Command, a large intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile (ICBM) field, Offutt AFB, and many National Guard assets reside in Nebraska, and they are vital to our Nation’s defense. A U.S. Senator’s number one job is to keep American safe. Nebraskans deserve a U.S. Senator that has the knowledge and experience in National Security to keep Nebraskans safe. John Glen has 22+ years of experience in national security and will absolutely keep you and your family safe because national security has been his life’s profession. Gone are the days of incapable and inexperienced wealthy politicians with no agriculture and no national security experience representing you in Washington D.C.

For more information about John Glen and his candidacy to represent Nebraska in the United States Senate, please visit


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