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A Father's Privilege

A Father's Privilege


Abraham Lincoln didn’t envision a country of, by, and for corporate lobbyists and DC elitists. No, he exclaimed, “of by and for the people.” That is the Weaver way, where these challenges are tackled for you, the everyday American, at the forefront.


For too long, these issues have ballooned and the talking points are regurgitated and recycled. Our debt compounds faster than what’s reasonably comprehensible. Our border is not just a funnel but has essentially become a vacuum of sorts for illegal immigration and a list of dire issues associated with the matter. Our foreign enemies seem to be capitalizing on this ineptitude, and sadly American exceptionalism is a waning idea. No longer can we afford to kick the can down the road. Change is the only alternative. Not just a change in ideas and approach but a true change in representation that isn’t afraid to lead.

That’s what true leadership is⁠—having to sometimes make the difficult choices for ultimately what’s right. It might

not be popular with those on K Street or those who have something to gain in a kickback. Yet, that’s the

problem in the end. Congressional leadership has failed, on both sides of the aisle, and sadly it is the

American citizen who ends up with not only the price tag but also suffers the consequences.

I have been privileged enough to have seen the true pulse of this country though. After all,

Nebraska is the heartbeat of America. And I believe it is possible to return America back to

a path that again makes us the envy of the world once again.


That’s why I’m running for United States Senate. The same reason I served our country in the

Air Force. It begins with integrity first and service before self. Servant leadership on the backs

of those willing to sacrifice so others could pursue the American dream is what sparked this

country. And it’s high time for another American renaissance.

My name is Lt. Col. (ret.) John Glen Weaver.  I’m a Christian, husband, father, combat veteran

(22 years, 11 deployments), and businessman. I love Nebraska.  Yet what is happening to

We The People is not only not right, but in some respects, even criminal. We cannot stand

for such dereliction of duty.


Together, we will take on the swamp, our enemies foreign and domestic, and win.

Lt. Col. (ret.) John Glen Weaver, U.S. Senate Candidate in Nebraska

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Unchecked, illegal immigrants are entering our country at record rates. Joe Biden’s do-nothing policies give millions of aliens a free pass to break our laws, traffic drugs into our communities, contribute to rising crime and take jobs away from hardworking Americans. Biden’s policies have created a crisis out of thin air, after four years of President Trump’s successful efforts to get our border under control. As Nebraska’s next senator, I will oppose every attempt by the Democrats to grant amnesty, so that our communities are safe places to live and work and raise a family. I’ll also work to finish the construction of a border wall and double the number of border agents in our country. Border security is not rocket science—we simply need the political will and the resources to do it.

We also must reform our legal immigration system. In no other developed country do we allow migration primarily based on family relations rather than skills. Millions of people want to come here, and we should only allow them if they contribute something meaningful to our country. Importantly, our ability to assimilate immigrants successfully—something our country should be proud of—is contingent on American leadership that loves this country. Forty years ago, new American immigrants came to a country where bipartisan leaders delivered a simple message: this great country is now your own, and you have a duty to help build it. Today, those same leaders deliver a different message: this is an evil and racist country, and you owe nothing to it. Because of this, our capacity to assimilate the next generation of immigrants is limited, and our legal immigration system should account for this fact by changing who we let in and reducing the total numbers.


Nebraska has great elections, and we should all be grateful for that. But even in August 2022, we saw multiple states hold primaries where they hadn’t counted ballots nearly a week after the elections. This is unacceptable even in the world’s oldest Republic. It’s time to end the COVID-era changes to our elections–we need to go back to having an election day in this country, not an election season, and we need other common-sense measures too: Voter ID, signature verification on absentee ballots, and end mail-in voting. Taking steps like these will ensure that we conduct our elections with integrity in the future.


For two decades, global elites have played a trick on normal Americans: send your sons and daughters to die for nation-building wars in some far-flung corner of the world, and when their utopian fantasies fail, accept millions of refugees into middle and working-class neighborhoods. This is a bad deal for Americans, a bad deal for our troops, a bad deal for the refugees, but a good deal for the elites who profit from endless war.

Importantly, American political leaders should stop using America’s military as a social justice side project. Our troops don’t need to focus on diversity or equity or any other progressive buzzword; they need to focus on fighting and winning America’s wars.


My town of Omaha, Nebraska is full of great people, and it has one of the highest citizenship rates in the country—over 9 of 10 people who lives there is a US citizen. Yet 15% of our citizens, 1 out of almost 7 people, live in poverty. Every day, we read about a new assault on our country: from the Chinese who are stealing from American industry, or from our own “leaders” who teach our kids to hate their own country. Why is this happening? For a simple reason: our leaders have failed. They are not courageous.

They chose to flood our country with criminals and drugs. They chose to take a knee as radicals ransacked our cities and made our communities less safe. They chose to make a quick buck by selling our industrial base to China. They chose censorship by big tech over the First Amendment.

Our parents and grandparents gave us the most prosperous nation in the world, and our leaders have chosen decline and plunder. But under our Constitution, We the People, Patriots, have the power, and it’s time we used it to fight back.


The Biden administration has spent billions and billions of dollars on things we don’t need. Why do we need a “transportation equity” agency to ensure that we don’t have too many male truck drivers? Why are we spending billions on battery technologies that are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and built by Chinese workers? The result of needless spending is runaway inflation, which has made it harder for normal Americans to afford necessities. Inflation has hit our seniors especially hard, many of whom live on a fixed income. It’s time to get this inflation under control.


Nebraska had the Keystone XL pipeline going right through it. It’s time for our nation’s leaders to recognize and implement policies that properly support the ample natural energy we can harness and produce right here at home. There is no reason for us to be buying foreign oil at insane prices and continue straining families financially just to fill up their tanks. There’s also no need to be tapping into our strategic oil reserves to lower prices like Biden has done. We need common-sense energy policies that put the American consumer first, so that our country can become energy independent.


Our country used to value working class jobs, and then the manufacturing base of our economy was shipped overseas. Working-class Nebraskans were left in the dust. Job loss devastated families. Communities were forgotten. I’ll fight against the corporate elites who want to continue the status quo that plunders the millions who are unable to use their hands to earn a decent wage.

Over the last four years, President Trump scrapped terrible trade deals and renegotiated them, imposing punitive tariffs on companies that manufacture in China and other nations. These were the right policies, and the effort to rebuild our industrial base is only beginning.


Opioid addiction has devastated my family and my community. More and more Nebraskans are falling victim to addiction, which means an entire generation of children orphaned, and another generation of grandparents forced to step up for our community’s kids. Communities are on the decline as job loss and poverty further engulf them. I’ll work to tackle the drug epidemic, eliminate the drugs coming into our community, and help those devastated by addiction. America is a country of second chances, and I’m proud to say that people in my own family have struggled with addiction for a decade before coming out on the other side of it. We need to ensure more second chances for Nebraskans from all walks of life.


I know the technology industry well. I helped to create US Cyber Command in 2009, and I’m sick of politicians who talk big about Big Tech but do nothing about it. The tech industry promised all of us better lives and faster communication; instead, it steals our private information, sells it to the Chinese, and then censors conservatives and others for daring to have a controversial opinion.

The solution is simple: we need to break up the big tech companies, to reduce their power in our economy and our politics. We also need to ban the theft of our personal information. If they want our data, it’s time they paid for it.


Now more than ever, our economy favors foreign companies that vocally oppose American values. Why do Facebook and Coca-Cola feel the need to threaten states that pass election integrity measures? And why does our economic policy reward them more than local businesses? Our family-owned, American-made businesses are doomed if this trend continues. Did you know that Google, a massive technology company that actively works with the Chinese Communist Party pays a lower tax rate than many Nebraskan manufacturers who struggle desperately to never do business with the Chinese? At the same time, some of our biggest companies funded Black Lives Matter riots that destroyed our towns and cities. I’m done with an economy that favors anti-American multinationals over pro-American local businesses.

My fellow Republicans love to talk about tax cuts. By all means, let’s cut the taxes on the companies that invest in our country. But we’re going to raise taxes on companies that ship jobs overseas and use their money to fund anti-American radical movements. If these companies are going to wage war on America, it’s time America wages war on them.


I am pro-life, and believe that abortion has turned our society into a place where we see children as an inconvenience to be thrown away rather than a blessing to be nurtured. Eliminating abortion is first and foremost about protecting the unborn, but it’s also about making our society more pro-child and pro-family. The historic Dobbs decision puts this new era of society into motion, one that prioritizes family and the sanctity of all life. The pro-life fight continues by ensuring that every young mother has the resources to bring new life into the world, expanding adoption and promoting pregnancy centers, so that every child grows up in a loving home, as they deserve. We’ll expand child tax credits and ensure that young parents don’t come home from the hospital with budget-busting surprise bills.


Joe Biden and anti-democracy multinational companies are trying to find new ways to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. They’re making it harder to buy firearms and ammunition and imposing new, unconstitutional regulations on American citizens. I will fight the gun grabbers, whether they’re federal bureaucrats enacting regulations or multinational companies punishing people for exercising their rights. When a payments processor attempts to restrict Americans from buying firearms or ammunition, I’ll push back with federal legislation.


As we saw from the radical Left’s culture war waged during COVID-19 and the continued CRT indoctrination in our kids’ schools, it’s clear that we should never let politics drive public health decisions and deprive our kids of a good education. Luckily, Nebraska appears to have moved past this, but there are still those who propose to mask 3-year-olds at preschools and shut down in-person learning. We can’t go back. I am against mask and vaccination mandates. Period.

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